Sunday, November 13, 2011

To what end..

Meagan's mental and physical condition has deteriorated pretty markedly. She only has rare moments of lucidity. The meds are keeping most of the pain and nausea at bay, although she has gotten ill a couple times. I've exchanged emails with Dr Kaplan about the potential benefits of whole brain radiation, relative to the risks and impacts. We are going to talk in the morning but he recommends we decline further treatment and engage hospice. Treatment is not likely going to be helpful and could impact the quality of her remaining life, which is already quite compromised. The boys and I concur. Hospice would focus on care and comfort for her remaining days. I'm planning on engaging more coverage to help manage her medical needs and insure her safety and support.

There is nothing good about this conclusion. It does feel right. It's also very sad.

I'll sleep on it and talk with the doctor in the morning.

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