Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hospice Nurse to rescue

Had a great, long meeting with Debra, our main point of contact. She really swung into action. Besides getting all but one of her surgery staples out, she helped me develop a medication schedule. It means I can have about 7 hours between doses overnight. Plus she is trying to swap out medications for ones that last longer or have multiple benefits, and switch to IV, cream, or other delivery methods than swallowing.

She's not too concerned about her lungs, thinks it's a legacy of her hospital IV infusions. Her body just can't get rid of fluids as it's likely her liver and kidneys are starting to shut down. Her lessening of appetite and desire for fluids is also consistent with end of life symptoms. The nurse is just so competent and knowledgable - it's great to have her on the team.

There was a social worker who came along too. We talked some and then she stayed with Meagan while the nurse and I went to the living room to discuss medications. The woman came out after a while to get ready to leave but told us she had talked with Meagan about dying and asked if she had accepted it. Apparently Meagan told her something to the effect that yes, she had, and had already visited the other side, and it was beautiful. A comforting thought.

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