Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Fall back"

An extra hour in the hospital, with nothing open. You'd think in this hospital, and in this part of the city, there would be at least one place open where you could get an espresso. Nada. Only the 24 hour Shell station at Broadway and Pike. And that's just stale bad brew. Oh the burdens we carry. Especially when it's 31 degrees out.

She's reading this morning and definitely has double vision. Lines and images are stacked above and below each other (not like crossing your eyes and the images are side to side). Have to hope this resolves. Other than that, is feeling ok. Some pain at her incision points in her belly but no head pain to speak of. Wants to get up and move about more today - a good sign for getting out of here tomorrow. Just need to get her onto all oral medications.

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