Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Possibly Home Today

Neurologist gave the thumbs up, subject to Kaplan's concurrence. Awaiting his visit this morning to discuss. She has a bit of a fever and her throat is sore and scratchy. Possibly an infection. There is still quite a bit to manage in terms of symptoms and medications and she needs to make the transition from IV drip to oral delivery. Definitely want to keep her on the scopolamine patch. Plus get her catheter out.

But assuming all that can be handled we are ready to get out of here. We will have a wheelchair and walker at home. The bathroom remodel is complete (thanks to our incredible contractor handyman - Ron). We will have to schedule her with the neurosurgeon to get her staples removed from her head next week, but they can be left in for a few radiation treatments, which start Monday.

I will not miss being at the hospital. It's a very lonely place. You can't really develop a relationship with anyone and the staff rotates so much you don't have consistency in your immediate care team. It's hard being away from our boys (and it's hard for them - it's one thing to uproot your life and move home, it's quite another to have an empty home to be in). It is also such a stark contrast to our home which is so warm, colorful and eclectic. Nothwithstanding their attempts at decor and art, the hospital is still an institutional, sterile (I'm not just talking "gel in, gel out"), and dehumanizing environment. I'm looking forward to sitting by our firestove with the dogs at our feet and watching the antics of our backyard fauna. Simple pleasures.

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