Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Stroke?

Based on her behavior, a friend suggested that perhaps she's had or having a stroke of some sort. It's definitely possible. It could just be the cancer in her brain, including the two tumors, pressing on important gray matter. But a stroke would also explain the twitching and spasms. She's on a lot of anti-seizure meds which would theoretically keep them at a low level.

I just know things are a lot different. I'm glad I have help starting today. Next goal is to get a hospital bed in here. Then to assess how the day goes, talk to Dr Kaplan and decide whether to try the whole brain radiation or go right to hospice. The boys are on board, they see her condition and it's very hard for them.

She has had a few lucid moments. Saying good night to both of them last night, she recognized then and told them each she loved them. That was lovely.

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