Friday, November 4, 2011

Third Tour of Hospital Duty, Day 7

The disconcerting thing is I don't know how long we will be here this tour. She seems to be recovering nicely from the surgery. Hopefully, the surgeon will come this morning and unwrap her head and give us an inkling about whether she's fit from a wound perspective to get out of here. Then we need to get her up and moving and get her medications all worked out and her pain med in balance so she can function, not independently, but with constant support.

We are embarking on some emergency remodeling at home to make the house (ramp off family room back porch) and one bathroom accessible. It gets torn up today so I'm hoping she's at the hospital through the weekend. Should be completed by Wednesday. All possible thanks to the efforts of a most amazing contractor/handyman who not only is efficient and productive but is a wonderful, caring human being. I'm on standby regarding a walker and wheelchair, probably both will be needed. It's hard to anticipate what might be needed and how able she will be, at least this timeframe. It's also daunting to think of her medication needs and how that will be managed. I am going to talk to Swedish Visiting Nurses about support.

She slept pretty well through the night. I got some sleep too. Much better than ICU.

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