Monday, November 7, 2011

a better end to the day

thanks to a scopolamine patch recommend by a friend in the medical field (the same used for seasickness)  - our gal has lost the vertigo and regained some equilibrium. The result is eating and drinking and walking. With no nausea. Victory! It was not without its challenges - after the docs agreed to try it - Swedish Hospital was out of it - apparently there is some sort of supply issue. I was able to track down six patches (each lasts three days) at our favorite pharmacy - Katterman's - which Kaplan had faxed over and my sister ran over and picked up the prescription and brought it down. A team effort!

I don't know the schedule for tomorrow  - need to talk to Kaplan in the morning - presumably he's referee'd the neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist and has a recommendation.

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