Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Surprising Day - No Surprises.

A day totally without cancer drama. The bathroom remodel (to make our largest bathroom accessible and safe for Meagan with grab bars, flexible fixtures, shower bench, etc. - I basically copied what is in her hospital bathroom) made up for it. In ripping out the fiberglass shower stall to create a tiled shower (so we could attach grab bars etc), dry rot was discovered. Then we had to pick "pretty" tile based on limited selection; i.e., immediate availability. Today our Greatest Contractor in the World spent the day bludgeoning plumbing supply people for the fixtures we need, and when the items had to be ordered, persuaded them to sell us the floor model. I was getting running updates and approving things based on texts and photos. It should all be done Monday late, a heroic effort. One we appreciate so much.

Meagan is doing well today. Ate some breakfast. Nausea is controlled. Napped a fair bit. She had several visitors. And is attempting to read tabloid magazines, even though her vision is still blurry. Had some occupational therapy Has agreed to watch some football with me tonight - Huskies against Oregon - go Dawgs!!

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