Saturday, November 12, 2011

The dangers of blogging about our journey

I've tried to "think out loud" and "show my feelings" throughout this whole journey. In part to let people who care deeply for Meagan and our family know about what's happening, in part to offer our experience so that when someone runs into a similar situation down the road they might be a bit wiser and lastly, as a way of getting emotional and actual support. I've been really gratified by the expressions of love and support, as well as offers and ideas. Sometimes it's hard to manage - well meaning people will send suggestions or ideas - and it's either premature, too hard for me to figure out how to deal with or I've got something in the works already. Sometimes it comes right as I'm dealing with Meagan in some fashion. Or it means priming the pump with her - getting someone into our home to help for example is a big issue. It's about acknowledging lack of independence, giving up some dignity to an outside person, reflecting the seriousness of where we stand, and figuring out what the person would actually do.

I'm not trying to be a martyr. I know I need help; the last post was my thought process and factors influencing it. I do have a friend who is going to run interference for me on this and help arrange a company to provide someone to assist me. Since the needs are going to change it's important to me that I have one source to go to to adjust as needed. I don't want to hire someone off craigslist and I want the firm to have all the appropriate insurance. So I don't need any more suggestions or advice on this particular issue.

Separately I will be talking to our friend Bobbie, who is managing the Meagan's Faeries help website, about scheduling people to come in late afternoon to sit with Meagan so I can get a little exercise.

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