Monday, November 14, 2011

Hospice Begins

Talked with Dr Kaplan this morning. We are in agreement. No good purpose is served by continuing treatment. I've engaged Providence Hospice - although around Meagan we are going to refer to it as home health care or visiting nurses. I've also got a firm which will provide an aide to help with medication management and personal care.

She's feeling nauseous this morning even though I loaded her up with steroids, and two anti-nausea meds. We will probably have to go to stronger doses and IV delivery.

It's hard to believe this is happening. Even though it feels right. I have no anxiety or stress about the decision. Kaplan said we've done everything feasible and further efforts would just lead to more suffering and poor life quality even if she eked out some more time. I concur. She did not want to be in pain (or nausea) at the end of her life. I have seen this amazing woman take so much abuse, pain, and mental insults that there comes a point where you move to acceptance and provide love, comfort, and support. So now our work is to get her as comfy as we can.

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