Saturday, November 19, 2011

Again, a rough afternoon

sleeping fairly peacefully now - in her gesticulating, talking out loud kind of way. But earlier things were a little harried. She started experiencing a lot of pain and it turned out to be her bladder - beyond full. Fortunately I was able to get morphine and anti-nausea meds into her and the hospice nurse got here in 20 minutes and put a catheter in, and she is now much more comfortable. At first I was concerned it was her spinal tumors, and not looking forward to having her doped up. With any luck the pain is gone and she can get back to her regular routine.

Which for me is now about managing her while she is in bed. Good news - no more lifting in and out of wheelchair and to and out of bed and toilet. Bad news - just like taking care of an infant again. Plus I still have the problem of getting her anti-seizure meds into her.

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