Friday, November 18, 2011

Still with us

A difficult night. Up at 2:30 to get her to the bathroom. She coughed quite a bit during the course of the night which sets off nausea. So I'm attending to that. Plus the usual assortments of responding to calls for help that turn out to be nothing. Got her IV meds in first thing at 6am. She won't take her oral medications.

The hospice nurse is here today, with some substitute meds which should make it much easier and better for Meagan. Nothing they can do for the cough though. Plus the home care aide from Providence will be here to bathe her. They also shipped here yesterday a five medicine pack of end of life drugs if necessary (morphine, etc.), as well as Valium for her if she has seizures. I have a larger than expected pharmacy in the house.

I didn't see the Valium pack for me....

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