Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nice story from a friend who visited her today

Courtesy of Terri F.

Spent good time with our girl this afternoon. She is getting ready to make her transition. I asked her, "Have you been over there, seen it?" She said, "Yes, yes, I have." I said, "Is it beautiful?" She said, "Well. . . it's okay. It's not beautiful enough for me yet. So I'm waiting." I told her that when she arrived it would naturally become more beautiful, because she'd be there with her colors and sparkles. "You ARE going to bring your sparkles, right? You want it to be sparkly?" "Yes, yes, of course." I asked her what colors she was taking with her. Without hesitation, she said, "Magenta!" If that's not our Meagan, I don't know what is! 

We sang "Over the Rainbow," one of her favorites, and then she broke out into something I really couldn't recognize. She was kind of "dancing," moving her head back/forth, moving her arms from side to side. I said, "Honey, I don't know that one. What is it, again?" She went through it again and it was I Got You Babe. "Sonny and Cher," she said. I asked her if she was Cher. She said "Yes, yes." Lots of smiles and sparkles in her eyes. 

There were times, very often, when she is clearly communicating with people not in the room. I said, "Honey, are you talking to people I can't see?" She said, "Yes, I am." I said, "Well, who are they? I need to know who you're talking to." She said, "I don't know who they are. I don't know." Then I said, "Well, are they nice?" Her response, "Oh, YES, they are VERY nice." 

So what do we know from this visit? 1: She's getting ready to make her move, but she's waiting for the contractors to make it more beautiful prior to her arrival. 2: She secretly wants to be Cher. 3: She is already meeting new friends.

All of these things are good. Very good. Although, I gotta tell ya, I've known her for 36 years and had NO IDEA about the Cher thing. . . :-)

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