Friday, November 18, 2011

Like a Boy Scout - always prepared

Except a boy scout in an alternate universe of non-discrimination...

Thanks to the visit by the hospice nurse and delivery of more medications I now feel able to better support Meagan on her final journey with medications to ease distress. In addition to a lotion which delivers three meds (sparing her having to swallow them), her anti-seizure and pain meds, I have on hand seven others as needed I know how to deliver and for what purpose. Hopefully these will keep her cough and anxiety at bay, pain and seizures away, and nausea and spasms (insert here word that means "reduced or minimized", that rhymes and completes the triad)

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  1. "allay"--that might work. :)

    My mother died on Sept 24th from complications from a stroke while dealing with pancreatic cancer. I just found your blog and it really makes sense to me. I wish I had found it a few months earlier because I was so desperate to know what the end might be like. Even now, though, it's yet another tool that is helping me put it all in order in my head. Thank you for sharing.