Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I was taught a wonderful lesson

in the wee hours this morning by the night nurse. I had been sitting by Meagan's bed holding her hand while she slept. Looking at her, all frail and battling this terrible disease which was affecting her physically and mentally. I pulled out her driver's license to look at her "before" picture, remembering how beautiful she was and how much she loved her sassy auburn colored hair. And thinking about how unhappy she was going to be losing her hair to the chemo.

Then the night nurse came in to give her a round of drugs and we got to talking. She made a comment about how beautiful Meagan was. I made some comment about, yes, but she is not going to like being bald and you should see her before picture. The nurse was very gracious, but proceeded to tell me I was wrong. She said that when they go bald you are drawn to their eyes and can see into their soul. And that the inner beauty and love the person has comes shining through. And that in all her years of tending very sick cancer patients she had learned that the inner beauty and strength was what you needed to see.

Humbling and beautiful sentiment. See them as they "are", not as they are.

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