Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"I'm not afraid. Just sad"

We saw our dear Dr Kaplan this morning. He has a lot of homework to do but once he does will be back. First order of business is to get her platelets. Surgery is too risky now, risk of bleeding is significant. If they can't get her bloodcounts up then no shunt. Which means have to manage water on brain through much higher steroid dose and a drug called mannitol which is a diuretic and pulls fluid out of brain. She's on both now and it seems to be helping. No pain or nausea this morning. But definitely double vision from pressure on nerves to eye. Kaplan will consult with neurosurgeon today.

If they get the shunt in that makes the situation easier to manage. We then talked about what next. He's not sure chemo to brain or spinal fluid would be helpful or worth the side effects. That approach versus melanoma hasn't proven effective. So he agrees with what Dr Fer said yesterday And whole brain radiation won't solve it since it's in the fluid. So we may be at an end to treatment.

Thus her statement.

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