Friday, August 12, 2011

Update - direct from Meagan - dated August 11

Dear All,

This will be short and I am remiss for not keeping a steady stream of info coming your way, but know you are in my thoughts and I find comfort knowing you are there. ~smile~

So, had a lovely early meal of barium this morning to prep for a CT scan. I am getting pretty "old hat" at all of this stuff but the barium.....uh...not so much. Anyway, CT results got today. Kaplan wanted them since I have not had a CT or Bone scan in 6 months. We did discover another tumor that has grown since we did a CT 6 months ago which we also need to address with some "zappage" ...likely next week. It is in another location...not in the brain...and can be dealt with by radiation as well. We'll know more on monday after the bone scan on Monday and come up with a plan to move forward sooner rather than later.

On a bigger note, I ALSO am having some Gamma Knife radiation tomorrow morning. Dr. Vermulan has been very reassuring about this procedure...three teeny tiny zappings of (3 different spots. of the brain.) There are expected to be minimal side effects, pain, or discomfort, primarily just fatigue. So, I am not spending too much time worrying. One day at a time and Vermulan's news is relatively good. The brain stuff tends to be the scariest and is under control and doing well, at this point. The rest we manage.

This is not the most uplifting note but an update none the less. It is important to me that you all have an idea what is coming down the pike and send your best thoughts and have our "Coats of Arms" at the ready. I appreciate all you have each contributed to this journey. I am not afraid and much of it has been lovely.

Updates will follow.
Much love,

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