Monday, August 8, 2011

Trying to give her a bit of independence today

Meagan is feeling a little constrained by the need to have someone around her at all times. She is normally quite sensitive to being an imposition on anyone, and even the fact that she can't drive and needs someone to shuttle her makes her uneasy. She also clearly needs someone to cross the street with her, so she can't walk alone; she's prone to stepping off the curb without paying attention or being able to see cars coming.

So today we are going to try something different. After I drive her to an appointment and wait for her for an hour, we are then going to drive to University Village. I am then going to drop her off, probably at the Barnes and Noble. Then I'll park and find a different place to hang out. That way she can get the run of the Village pretty safely, read, wander, get coffee, window shop, whatever she wants to do. But she will know I am close by and available to get her in a heartbeat. Mentally she just wants to feel normal and this could be a good way to do that. If it works, we'll do it regularly.

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