Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meagan Doesn't Recommend the SeaRad Barium Bar

Seattle Radiology is where she had her CT scan today. You have to drink a barium cocktail beforehand. At Swedish Radiology you get a choice of berry, mocha or banana. Here you get one choice, vanilla. And it's not good.

But it was a success. Since she couldn't eat beforehand we had brunch afterwards. We like the Sunflower Cafe. She ate heartily.

Got the call this afternoon from the Gamma knife people, our timeslot got moved up and we need to be there at 6:00a.m. Yikes! Plus no food before so it means a very early lunch at best. Since I eat or don't eat in solidarity with her, I hope I don't cheat tomorrow. There is even a Starbucks at the Swedish Radiology facility which is part of their Cherry Hill complex. Coffee doesn't count as long as I don't put too much cream and sugar in it.

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