Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Drum roll...

We meet with Dr.Kaplan at 11:20. Which means it could be noon. We arrive about a 1/2 hour early so that Meagan can have her blood drawn, and this time around she has to have it accessed via her port and have that flushed - it needs to be flushed out every 6 weeks if not used for treatment.

Our game plan is to review the questions we have for him this morning. That will be hard. But we need to talk about the MRI results (and resulting plan), any systemic, whole body treatment which might be possible beyond what she is already on (the Temodar), and tumor identification and management (does she have a CT scan of the body or wait until symptoms present themselves and then we address them?). I do know that some tumors can be dealt with via radiation (Cyberknife), others by surgery. Meagan wants to get tumors out as soon as they can be identified, especially if they have the potential to be life threatening. Of course, at some point they won't be able to be removed or zapped, but here's hoping that is down the road and we buy time.

I'm bringing handkerchiefs. Our plan afterward is to take a walk around Greenlake and then have lunch. Being out and around people helps. First though, we will talk to the boys.

At some point we'll come home and I'll post what the story is...

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