Thursday, August 18, 2011

Made it through the long MRI

Checked in at 4:45 last night, she was in the machine by 5:15 and didn't emerge until around 8:30pm. Longest MRI she has been through yet. No hitches. They aren't looking for anything new - that was all on the CT scan - this is a fine grain that should pinpoint exact location from 3-D perspective of each tumor and it's precise measurements.

They ought to have pretty detailed scans of her torso - they did four separate runs of quarter sections of her body. I'm supposed to get a call from the radiologist this morning to discuss the results and what her recommended radiation treatment plan is. It could happen pretty fast. Apparently it might not be the Cyberknife, it could be another machine downtown that has a broader beam.

The good news is the Meagan doesn't have to rush this morning. She has come to really value unstructured morning time without the pressure of having to get ready for anything.

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