Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dealt a bad hand

About six new brain tumors in various places. Clearly not good news. We can buy some time with either Gammaknife radiosurgery or whole brain radiation. We will hear from our radiation oncologist tomorrow about scheduling a visit ASAP to discuss which makes most sense. Then treatment will happen ASAP.

Kaplan was comforting but realistic. Nothing imminent, but probably less than double digit months.

Side effects of treatment are temporary, some short term loss of memory and hair loss, but who cares at this point, Audrey is on the job. No travel, but at least summer is here in Seattle.

It wasn't unexpected news. In some ways the certainty helps in terms of planning and coping. Meagan is ok, ready to do this, and do it well. But still in kinda shock.

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