Friday, August 26, 2011

Ballard - Day 2

It didn't start out well. Got the call from the radiation clinic that the machine was down and the tech was on the way and they needed to push us back to 2:30. The proton accelerator thingamajig is down? Who do you call - the physics lab at the UW? And what do they pay them for repair services - like $1,500 per hour?

At any rate we got her in at 2:30 and it went fine. Of course it did throw the whole day off, but such is the nature of treatments, appointments and equipment. I recall one of her very first scans last year, when we still didn't know if her cancer was malignant that the air conditioning was broken and without it the MRI room got too hot so we had to come back in the afternoon. I guess we are used to this - I really have adopted a zen like, "que sera que sera" approach. Which is fine if you are a full time caregiver and that's all you do. Everyone at the clinic got pushed back and it was kind of funny, all the old ladies were jovial about the change and commented on how they had juggled schedules, while the two old guys were just grumps about the delay. Perhaps a gender thing????

We did get a chance to wander a few blocks in Ballard and have a little lunch. It has certainly changed and is quite hip, with remnants of Scandanavian culture around. Plenty of coffee shops. But a real independent bookstore too. Meagan wandered it happily.

No side effects (from the treatment, we are still under Ballard's sway). This bodes well, at least until the fatigue kicks in, usually week two.

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