Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Treatment of Radiation Complete

So far no side effects. There was the (dreaded) possibility of nausea, because there is unavoidable radiation to her stomach as a byproduct of the overall radiation procedure, so when they gave us the anti-nausea prescription, we hustled home to get it filled at Kattermans (our pharmacy) and wait it out here at home (not such tough duty, the garden is gorgeous).. So no Tour de Ballard today. But we did swing by and get her favorite frozen yogurt with toppings. That went down no problem. She's napping outside now, a good sign. Not related to the treatment. The side effect could emerge anytime in next couple hours. If it does, besides taking the pill right away, she will take it one hour before each treatment and that should do the trick.

One down, 14-19 more to go.

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