Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Watch and Wait

That was Kaplan's summary. Good news: can cut the steroid dose down by half. Bad news: tapering down can cause mood effects. More good news: we get our research nurse, Barry from Atlanta back as we are now on the extended follow protocol. More bad news: there is evidence of some small skin tumor activity. That means the melanoma is still on the move.

So essentially Kaplan agrees with Meagan's characterization in that we are in a race. He put the Interleukin 2 start date at around the first week of August, depending on brain irritation status. She can't have new any brain tumors before then. Nor can she have some internal tumor become so impactful that it needs to be addressed. He'd probably put her on chemo first if that happened. Apparently there are some chemo regimens which have some efficacy against melanoma for some.

So she stays on the steroids and anti-seizure meds. We see him again in two weeks. Then we will schedule a tip to toe set of scans for a week or so out. Based on those results we will have a plan. So a waiting period. And a hoping period, hope that nothing internally goes haywire.

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