Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meagan is at Swedish in ICU

She is on a lot of anti-seizure medication. She has been seen by neurologist and her oncologist. Her blood pressure is quite low, possibly due to medication. So they are pumping her full of saline and if that doesn't work they will try some meds to up her pressure. 57/32 is low by any standard, she is normally mid 80/ mid 60.

She is mostly out. Sort of sleeping, unconscious. She has been able to be responsive. When her dad came by we shook her and she opened her eyes and after a bit said, "hi dad" before conking out again.

The neurologist will come by again in the morning. She said there is evidence of brain irritation at the surgery and radiation areas based on EEG and possibly continual small seizures. If it's not better in the morning they will get more aggressive. No new tumors. It was not a stroke. It means she will have to be on anti-seizure meds forever.

Hoping that she sleeps and recovers overnight. I'm by her side. The recliner here at Swedish is not nearly as good as the one at Harborview. The boys are at home, it's rough on them.

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