Monday, June 6, 2011

Surgery complete

Our bad ass girl proved once aagIn how tough she is. "just a bee sting" does not quite describe what she had to go through. Even though she gets numbed up enough eventually, there are still moments where the pain shoots up and while the surgeon is quick to add more anesthetic, it's still uncomfortable.

She walked out with two, four inch scars on front and back, leaving behind plenty of flesh and tumor. Surgeon took a lot so he could get plenty of margin. She will be sore for sure for several days. Ibuprofen and ice should help.

We had to skip our appointment with Kaplan in order to make the surgery and reschedule after waiting an hour past our appointment time. Just shows even if you think you've built in enough slack time when it comes to cancer appointments, the office will have an extraordinarily busy day. So no more trying to schedule two appointments in one day.

Now, off to make her as comfortable as possible.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Nick; Meagan is indeed a badass toughie wrapped in an elegant, beautiful, brilliant package!