Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Day of Cyberknife

Here for her final brain radiation treatment. Everything looks good in terms of the treatment. No ill effects to speak of. They had to up the dose of steroids but that is not uncommon, she was on a very low dose. She was getting headaches but that has subsided now that she's getting a good amount. She will start tapering off them starting Monday, will probably take a week or so.

We also have a consult visit with her surgeon this morning about taking out the tumors on her back and stomach. They've been there a while and have gotten irritating enough that they should go, and Kaplan concurred. not sure when that will happen but hopefully just an in office procedure of low impact.

The best news of all is that tomorrow she is going to get her hair color restored to its "natural" auburn red color, hahaha.

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