Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday evening update

Her condition is a little more serious than expected after the seizures. Its not just recovery She apparently is having subtle continuous mini seizures. They have her wired up for an all night observation of her brain waves. In earlier shorter EEG tests they saw some seizure activity. She also is showing evidence of brain irritation on the right side which is not the site of her brain surgery. They want to do an MRI but are trying to figure out how to reduce her seizure meds (she is on heavy doses) to reduce the impact on her kidneys (so they can do MRI with contrast) and without causing a seizure. Plus her blood pressure is too low, despite medicine to bump it up. So a lot going on, not much good. She is unaware as of yet, as we don't want to worry her until they have the data. She has been very emotional today, probably due to medication. So we have been telling her they simply need more info about her brain waves to get the right meds and doses. She is fairly confused in general.

It could be that the right side irritation is another small tumor. Or brain wiring is just running amok for a long time and she will need more monitoring until they are sure she is stable before release Probably not going home tomorrow.

So disconcerting. Kaplan isn't sure what is going on nor is her neurologist. So they are digging for more data (thus the overnight brainwave evaluation) and want to get an MRI but have to get her weaned off some meds for that to happen.

Aside from all that she is ok. A little irritable. A lot emotional. Resting now and hopefully will sleep well tonight.

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