Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday morning update

The day breaks early for a cabana boy at the hospital. Even though we have a private room with sliding glass doors (that's reason enough to be at ICU at Swedish vs Harborview) the noises of the unit percolate through. Like the crazy person next door. Or alarms going off (vital stats out of range). Or the nurse coming in to roll Meagan to the other side. But I have also developed an internal alarm clock. By a quirk in scheduling between the all-night cafe window and the main cafeteria, there is an hour and a half to two hour gap between coffee availability. So I have to get to the internal cafe window by 5:00am or no coffee until 7:00am. Thus my internal instincts kick in and I'm up by 4:45. Given that I'm sleeping in my clothes there is no problem getting there in time.

Today we should get the results back from two things. She has been wired up to a continuous EEG all night and most of yesterday. They should be able to spot any issues and correlate it to medication and hopefully all seizure activity is under control. The neurologist will come by at some point and let us know findings and a medication game plan. We should also have definitive results on the MRI. It was sent to a specialist in radiology neurology. In any event she will have an MRI likely monthly for some time to come. We also put in a call to her surgeon and the on call doc was kind enough to come by and check her back incision from the tumor removal last Monday. It's been under a lot of stress because she has been on her back so much and needed some care.

It's a beautiful sunrise. Let's hope that bodes well for the day ahead.

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