Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4:00am Lab Draws

Every morning at 4:00 the nurse comes in and draws blood. It's an easy process for Meagan because of her port o cath, no needles. They do this so the printout or computer results are available to Kaplan when he does his rounds between 6-6:30am. Then he can put in whatever orders are necessary, like yesterday when he ordered her up two pints of blood and the transfer to a regular room out of ICU. I'm hopeful today we get the all clear and he gives discharge orders and whatever remaining prescriptions she needs (I filled three yesterday at our favorite pharmacy, Kattermans, and she will need two more, her steroids and an antibiotic for an infection she picked up).

Unfortunately these lab draws require the lights on, so it pretty much acts like an alarm clock for me. It's good in the sense it does get me down to the coffee window before it shuts between 5-6:30am (a really stupid thing I intend to write to the hospital about). but it almost certainly guarantees a nap will be needed at some point during the day. I had better get used to this schedule for our two week IL-2 stay coming up in a couple months.

At least the coffee is good. The food here at Swedish is surprisingly good.

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