Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday evening update.

We are definitely here to at least Monday. Kaplan stopped by at 8:15 to check in and let us know a little the plan. He walked in unseen by us while I was giving her a pep talk, of which he approved. She has been pretty emotional today, a fair bit of crying, probably due mostly to the mini seizures she is experiencing in her right brain and the anti-seizure medication.

At 9:20 they finally arrived to take her for her MRI. Should be about an hour. No results until tomorrow. At some point Kaplan's partner who is the weekend doc will come and tell us results. We are expecting a tumor, which we hope is simply zappable by the Cyberknife radiation treatment. If there is no tumor, I don't know what they will suggest.

The rest of the weekend is then about getting the anti-seizure meds right. The neurologist will probably order the short EEG Saturday to see if the mini seizures are abating. If not, they change up the cocktail. So it's test, adjust, test again. When it's right we will be able to go home.

And schedule the Cyberknife treatment for the new tumor if that's what it is.

She is pretty sick of being here and lying flat. We hope her blood pressure is up enough that she will be able to be slightly more mobile over the weekend. She is anxious to get home to her boys, house and dogs.

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