Saturday, June 25, 2011


She's sassy and smart. We are having a threesome.

There's me, Meagan, and.......Audrey - her wig. It appears the Cyberknife brain radiation treatment has a side effect other than brain irritation causing seizures. We are talking hair loss. Not just short hair, but falling out in clumps, patchy bald spots smooth as a baby's butt hair loss. All in the back. So right as she is a couple months out from her brain surgery and buzz cut, and she's moving from Sigourney Weaver/Demi Moore buzz to pretty short but pixie-ish fun haircut- we have major patchy spots happening. Thus Audrey.

We bought the wig back in the Fall when we thought she was going to undergo chemo and lose her hair. They don't take returns when you've taken a wig home, so it's been in storage. How handy. She made a public appearance today. It needs a bit of trimming and styling, but it looks very good on her.

But she probably needs to undergo another full buzz cut. Otherwise she is going to eventually have long har in the front and uber short hair in the back. And it may take a while before the hair returns. So I am getting the clippers ready.

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