Monday, June 13, 2011

One more day, but out of ICU

Kaplan was by at 6:10am. He ordered the transfer from ICU to an upstairs normal hospital room. Wants her here for one more day/night for couple reasons. Gives her a chance to be on all the anti-seizure and steroid medications orally instead of intravenously. Two, it gives him an opportunity to confer with the neurologist and make sure everyone is clear on the at home care plan and prescriptions. Three, she is low on red blood count so needs two pints of blood (which can be given either in ICU or normal room) which takes a couple hours to match, order up and then 2-4 hours per pint for infusion. They monitor every 15 minutes during blood infusion for reactions.

We will also get a visit from the neurologist this morning and the surgeon to check her back incision.

Last night was very tough emotionally for her. Getting unhooked by late afternoon will be great. It's always hard when your expectations are raised to get home and then you have to wait one more day. But being able to be mobile by later today will be great.

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