Friday, June 17, 2011

Frustration for Meagan

The medications she is on are really a challenge for her. They make her fuzzy, forgetful, and unsteady. For a gal who is darn sharp, this is very frustrating. She hates to be reliant on me because she doesn't want to be a burden. So she will try to do something, like put the dishes away. Many things she is successful at, and I applaud her efforts. Sometimes the results are a tad humorous and have some consequences, like when she tried to open the bottles of non-alcoholic beer with the wrong end of the opener and ended up knocking one over onto the floor, after it was partially opened. She knocked over three full glasses of water yesterday, which she keeps on the table near her chair in the family room. She got pretty upset over it, but we tried to make light of it, and Casey was funny and told her she needed to put the water outside of her wheelhouse.

Unfortunately she is on the full dose of medications until at least next Tuesday, when there is a possibility that Kaplan will start tapering her steroid dose - that will definitely help. I think she is slowly getting used to some of the anti-seizure medications, but we don't see the neurologist for another ten days so any reduction in those is still a ways off.

So in the meantime we will just work to keep her safe and keep reassuring her these are temporary effects and that she will recover all her faculties she had before the seizures.

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