Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alternative treatments, again...

It seems in every generation there are those who seek to profit from those with challenging diseases not readily addressed by conventional medicine. Even in Meagan's own lineage, a great-great grandfather sold "Barnard's Hair Tonic" that claimed to cure a number of maladies.

Over the last year, I've had to chase down a number of suggestions to see if they would have any applicability to our situation. I've not been satisfied with any of them, especially as most seem to financially benefit the sponsor, don't use transparent, verifiable data to support their claims, or have adverse impacts to the patient. One source I've used aside from simple google searches is this one, Quack Watch.

Here is the basic information they provide on one popular alternative treatment.

Not all diseases are curable by modern medicine and there is lots of research underway in reputable, controlled environments (and in which the financial interests are clearly disclosed) to close the gap. Seattle is home to some remarkable firms looking to develop cures for our most troublesome diseases.

But if you are ever tempted to go with some alternative method, do your research, and recognize what you are really doing if you go that route. Likely supporting the lifestyle of someone who really doesn't have your best interest at heart.

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