Monday, October 17, 2011


Nothing more frustrating than trying to get an urgent need taken care of. It would be easier to check into the hospital and get the service done. I tried to get Meagan in to see a neurologist today and struck out. After trying our first neurologist - the one who is managing her anti-seizure medication but who is an epilepsy specialist and doesn't do EMG's - I was directed to a second. When they finally called back I was offered an appointment in four weeks. I thought she was mistaken or joking. Apparently not. So Kaplan took over after I let him know the issue and with direct contact got her in to a neurologist and I scheduled her for Wednesday. But pretty much spent the whole day waiting until it got set up.

So Wednesday she sees the neurologist for a consult - unknown when the EMG test will be. Thursday she sees Kaplan and gets her blood test to see if she can do chemo. In meantime her pain level is very low and well managed by the increased steroids and ibuprofen. But we need to find the cause before too long.

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