Friday, October 21, 2011


We do try to find a little humor in things, after all it does ease the tension somewhat. One thing that I find comical, but totally in keeping with her artistic sensibility and personality is how she tracks her medications. I'm the one that delivers the handful of pills she needs at the appropriate times throughout the day. It is a moving target as new ones get added and old ones get phased out or reduced. Right now we are phasing out ibuprofen for pain and phasing in slowly gabapentin. Or as she likes to think, phasing in the yellow ones and phasing out the bright blue ones. She gets the little blue one first thing (steroids) and then another color batch at 9am. When a new color shows up I have to explain it to her and if it shows up more frequently I have to explain why. It works perfectly well for her, while I'm looking at prescription bottles, reading labels and following Dr Kaplan's oral instructions to dispense them correctly. This way she feels somewhat in control, from an understanding perspective (even though she has to rely on me), and it is on her terms - color palettes.

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