Saturday, October 15, 2011

A little stability so far this morning

The combination of increased dose of steroids and ibuprofen seems to be managing the pain. Her nausea has subsided, although she was only able to take in water throughout the evening, plus a bit of a smoothie. Keeping her from dehydration is more important at this stage than calories, and as she says, she has a little extra to spare (referring to her extra padding; she retains her sense of humor despite everything). We were up just twice during the night to get her ibuprofen down the hatch. Hopefully when she is up she will be able to eat and take her meds as is typical.

No word from Kaplan yet on the MRI of the arm. I know he's on call this weekend, so expect to hear from him. I'll be researching non-narcotic pain relievers this weekend - no doubt at some future point she will need pain meds and we can't go through the nausea related issues again - it is way too stressful dealing with that and making sure she gets her critical medications (anti-seizure).

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