Friday, October 21, 2011


When the kids were little, the bail out statement was, "because I said so". Of course it was a cop-out and not respectful of them. But sometimes as a parent I was tired and I'd explained it already and I was just ready to not discuss it anymore.

It didn't work too well with kids and it sure as heck doesn't work well with an adult. But there are times I would sorely like to use a version of it with Meagan. I think I've become a patient person. You pretty much have to or you'll go nuts. (When I think about how much time I've spent in waiting rooms over the last 16 months it's staggering.) It takes a long time and many repeat questions for her to grasp certain things. For example, I respect her right to understand the medications going into her body and want to satisfy her need for information. When we make a change, she wants to know what and why, and it takes a while for her to understand the change and she also wants to correlate that change with what she feels (such as pain or degree of wooziness). Totally legit.

l wish I had the patience of Job to do it well all the time. I do not and I do get exasperated at times. It's the caregiver's burden to suck it up and make sure the loved one gets what they need in whatever time increment it takes. No rolling of the eyes allowed either.

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