Friday, October 14, 2011

Pain, pill and nausea management.

This has not been a fun day. Meagan has been quite nauseous and unable to keep much down. This is due to the pain pills. This is particularly worrisome given she has medications she needs to keep down, such as the anti-seizure meds. So all morning I was keeping track of what went down, what came up and when, and what her pain level was. Because her pain level was low I asked Kaplan about stopping the pain meds and switching to ibuprofen, considering the steroids had done a lot of the work. We've done that, but it takes a while for those to work their way out to point of not causing queasiness.

It was getting better by 2pm, enough so for her to try a little toast. But then we had to drive to get an MRI at 3pm and that was not good. I need to write a letter of apology to the building management company about the lobby carpet....

She's getting an MRI of upper arm, another attempt to hunt down the source of the pain. After this it is get her home, (yes, I have a bucket in the car), and try to get her stable while making sure she gets critical pills down. She is shaking like a leaf and needs some water and food. The hope is the bad meds work their way out, she is less queasy, can keep water and pills down, and that the combo of steroids and ibuprofen is enough to manage pain.

I feel less than confident right at this moment. The radiation tech just came out and asked me if it was the left arm they were doing. "Nope"' I said, "it's the right". "Glad I checked"' he said, and walked back to control room.

Glad Cabana Boy is on duty.

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