Monday, October 24, 2011

Results from neurology tests

They did discover what her arm pain is not caused by. It's not caused by a kink or tumor pressing on a nerve that might be located anywhere from her finger tips to her spine. So that process of elimination leads to only one conclusion. That it's coming from inside her spine.
To verify that, he'd need to do a spinal tap, which is his recommendation to Dr Kaplan. We will discuss it with him Thursday and I'll email him today. It may be that Dr Kaplan agrees or says it doesn't matter. If it is cancer cells in the fluid they may not be able to radiate and could only treat with chemotherapy. So the chemo that she is on may be the only treatment anyway, or maybe different kind or a combo.
Its frustrating and concerning. It's good that for now the pain is managed and ok. We know she had cancer in her spine that was treated and figured it would spread. This just could be an indication that it's spreading further.
A crummy wedding anniversary present.

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