Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Off to Neurologist Today

Have a mid-day appointment at the neurologist to discuss her right arm/shoulder/lower neck issues. I am not sure she will have the actual EMG/nerve conduction study today. There is a process we are told, and the first step is the consult with the doctor. But it will be good to get in and get the process going. She remains relatively pain free for now in this area thanks to the work of the steroids.

But unfortunately this is a war on many fronts and there is pain in other areas. The pain in her lower back is increasing and becoming more defined. That it is still doing this despite the steroids for her arm tells me it has a different character - like maybe it is due to spinal tumors. But that is speculation for now.

What it does mean is we have a long list of things to discuss with Dr Kaplan. Her arm. Her back. The tumor in her upper left leg. Her pain medications. Her blood count and whether she will be able to do chemo or not. She remains very shaky and it's hard not to think she is still anemic and that the low blood count is due to some cancer cause.

She is pretty discouraged by the mounting list of ailments. Who wouldn't be?

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  1. You don't know me--I found your blog as weaving around the internet tends to find you places and people, while I was looking into brain metastases because of a friend's advanced cancer. I just started following your journey, and I'm sending positive thoughts to both of you and your wife; she is lucky to have you.