Friday, October 28, 2011

more zingers...

On the way in the car to get her MRI this morning, Meagan started reflecting on our friends. In a very good and positive way. She was marveling at how many of them, now with kids having fledged the nest, were embarking on new adventures. Between new hobbies, travel, volunteer and career opportunities - many are redefining themselves and opening up to aspects which have been lying dormant. It is a great thing. Then she asked me - "are you sad that we are not able to do that?". Answer - "heck yes". Who would choose being a cancer victim or cancer cabana boy? It is terribly disappointing to have this yoke around our necks - especially with little prospect of relief or a better future, certainly a better future together. So we commiserated together - partners in previous good times and now partners in a tough journey.

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