Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Welcome to the Hotel Harborview

Where you can check out but never leave". Progress on many fronts today. Miss Chatterbox is back, although occasionally she will have what she calls "a mind blight". Off all monitors. Sodium levels stabilized thanks to salt horsepills three times daily plus French fries, ham, basically anything salty. Tomorrow she's going for Fritos! We are still in ICU but only because there are no beds in acute care. I brougt down her yoga type clothes and hopefully she can get a bed up on acute care tomorrow and get out of her hospital gown. She'll need a couple days in physical rehab too. I hope hope hope we can get discharged Friday because they don't discharge over the weekend. But we will let the pros make the judgment. she looks darned cute In her wool flapper hat with the roses on the side. Great to see her eating heartily and her strength returning. She's charmed all the staff and docs of course especially with her mild aphasia and some funny complimentary phrases. The one thing she gets a bit peeved about is the "trick questions" from the docs. Ones like "where are you, what's the date , what city is this". She wants multiple choice and she always gets it right. The sparkle in her eyes is back.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Nick, of course she has charmed everyone at Harborview -- where doesn't she charm everyone? I really appreciate you keeping all of us in the loop -- here's hoping for a bed in acute care today! Much love