Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cerebral Salt Wasting After Brain Surgery

Turned out to be quite a bad night last night. She ended up having cerebral salt wasting. About 7:00pm I just said enough and got docs called Things take forever here but by the time doc arrived she was nonresponsive. They got a CT scan and got her to ICU where she is now for next 24 hours. Her sodium level went from 139 to 121. Her surgeon just came in with his team ( third set of docs today two of which were neurologists). He said it's just an uncommon but event which does happen to brain surgery patients. After they get her stable at right level they can't bring her up too fast she will have supplements and they'll track her sodium levels. He said risk of recurrence is rare and shouldn't have caused any additional damage and that her CT scan looked quite good. Just needs recovery. Her language skills disappeared but he said they should come back quickly. Even though she can't talk the first thing she made clear to me was it was time to buzz the rest of her hair off, it's a rats nest.

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