Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mystery solved and proof you need an advocate

Throughout the evening her headache got worse and worse and she became incoherent. I got the nurse on it, who agreed something wasn't right. She paged the on call neurologist who got here about 11:30pm. Her suspicion - after exam was that they tapered the steroids too fast for Meagan and the swelling in her brain wasn't going down. So it was getting crowded and impairing function Rushed her down for a CT scan which took only two minutes. The CT scan operator's comment on seeing the images, "she must have one heck of a headache". Then radiologist reviewed and doctor increased the steroids. Plus some morphine to ease the immediate pain and get her to sleep. so tomorrow should be a much better day. But she had to endure a lot of pain today so much so she got nauseous What a lousy thing to have to go through. I felt so bad for her but am happy it wasn't something much worse. She should feel so much better tomorrow. And hopefully back to talking well and back to her old self.

Moral of story? If things start going south don't just listen to the old hounds. I'm going to give Ethel a piece of my mind when I see her next Be vigilent and don't assume. Insist on competent exam. Advocate. I raised enough concern they had to respond. Fortunately the doc who showed up had seen her when she was in ICU and saw instantly the profound negative change. Glad we stayed within the system. And glad they have CT scans that can crank out a scan in 2 minutes!

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