Thursday, April 21, 2011

Greetings from Alcatraz

The scratch marks on the walls marking time are running together. We look longingly out the window at freedom and light. Maybe maybe tomorrow will be the day.

Meagan is doing very well. Right now she is cozy in her hospital bed watching a movie on her laptop She ate all her good high sodium food today. She is in good humor and comfortable, if a little exhausted. Her sodium levels have stabilized so far. I suspect the neurology team will give the medical sign off tomorrow.

The therapist team is another matter. While we clearly recognize the insults to the brain she has received and the resulting impact (visual field, memory, speech, balance) we think they are mostly resolvable. And can be addressed by living at home and doing outpatient therapy. So we fight that battle tomorrow Which if successful will also allow us to reengage with Dr. Kaplan on the overall cancer battle. Which will start with radiation on her brain tumors once the swelling from the surgery resides. Then on to Interleukin 2. That's the two week hospital stay (boy am i looking forward to that....) And maybe some interim tumor removals for kicks and giggles.

She is remarkably optimistic and anxiety free. The focus is on a high quality of life. Part of that involves how she allocates her time. Her brain needs time for sleep at night and during the day. Stroke victims need this. She tires easily She also needs quiet awake time for herself to adjust to her new physical and mental status and the path to improvement where able, and time with family. Then will be the many occupational therapy visits plus the cancer treatment visits. All this to say she has a lot of demands on her time.

Which pains her greatly because she wants to see all her loved ones who wrapped her in her coat of arms during this ordeal right away. But it just won't be physically possible all at once. And it may take her a while to resume proficiency with Facebook and email. Which for a word and literary gal is a bit disconcerting So we do ask your patience and understanding. We will need help once home and there will be opportunities for all. I'm not letting her near a stove! Driving is out for six months if not forever (hard to be a safe driver if you have no right peripheral vision) so we may need chauffeur help too!

Once again thanks for the many expressions of support. We hope to be out of here soon and on to the next stage of this adventure.

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