Friday, April 15, 2011


She's continuing to improve, although likely long term right peripheral vision impairment.  Slept ok last night  Tiring day yesterday, despite desires, a few too many people showed up. First start of physical and speech therapy and that was exhausting. She has difficulty in several cognitive areas but those should improve rapidly. She has her spunk and zest and personality. Difficult decision ahead on her hair. Complete buzz, avante garde punk, or short sassy for what's left. Most of back and one side is gone already so frankly I think any route is good. She will be wearing  her massive scar with pride  A 10:00pm visit by Kaplan was the best nightcap.   He's reviewing some discrepencies in MRIs to figure out if in fact there is another tumor up there.   In any event he's building a treatment gameplan based on this event.  First step is rest and rehab, then radiation for remnants and any others, then on to Interleukin2.    Clinical trials in Bethesda are out for foreseeable future. They don't accept candidates with active brain tumors.

She needs rest today especially with room transfer and anticipated therapy so we are going to be strict no visitors. She's supposed to be transferred out of ICU this morning to a standard hospital room here at Harborview, not Swedish, because we really don't expect her to have to be hospitalized much longer beyond Monday. They don't discharge over weekend.   They want to get started on physical therapy and speech pathology intensely because of her field of vision issues. Once out she will need to continue these on an outpatient basis.  Once home she'll need support while she regains strength and motor skills and vision compensatory skills. She's already getting quite good at word circumlocution to compensate got her aphasia. 

Oh and her butt hurts from so much lying down. 

Much appreciation for all the love and support.

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