Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hard to express how challenging this is

She's slowly recovering from her brain surgery. Has a bald head in back and one wicked horseshoe scarvsecured by staples. Impressive ny anybstandardvbut she's not thrilled about the hairless. Has weakness on right side and difficulty speaking and some vision issues. Daily improvement and self awareness. But this is a huge setback in the cancer battle. Clinical trials are out. She needs recovery time before radiation can be applied to her other brain tumor and remnants of first. Then weeks of recovery before interleukin can be used. That's a long time before a shot at systemic treatment. She's just becoming aware of the challenge. Boys are here and have been a huge support to me, their mom and themselves. Wevare so loved and supported by our friends and family. Thank you everyone. One day at a time. I should say she is alternately funny, frustrated, sad, and grateful for the love. She hasn't lost her personality wit and quickness. The words are hard to come. And she finds it weird and scary that she had this disconnect between mind and right side. But we are hopeful with time and rewiring it will become normal. I expect her to move from ICU in next day or two. We want her under Kaplans care to look at this holistically.

We are all pretty tired but sharing the load. She's never alone. tomorrow she'll work with a speech pathologist. Ok enough

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